Pre-Order from weavers in San Juan Cotzal: TBD

This is a very special pre-order round for December 2022, meant to quickly facilitate work and payment to our partner weavers in San Juan Cotzal, a community that is recovering from flooding that took place this past October. Previously, this community was also hit with severe flooding in the winter of 2020 with tropical storms Eta and Iota. Through this pre-order, we can quickly pay the weavers upfront for their work, thus impulsing much-needed cashflow. We will be shipping the items when they are ready in January/February, 2023. 

Each item is handwoven on a backstrap loom using naturally-dyed threads prepared by our partner weavers at Lake Atitlán. For this special production batch, we have decided to give the weavers in Cotzal the artistic freedom to choose their brocade designs and colors. This will also facilitate production for the order.

Choose from the three product options below. Photos show sample designs. Your piece will be made with naturally-dyed cotton yarns with traditional brocade designs roughly similar to the samples shown. Each piece is a unique work of art.

Curious what the brocade figures stand for? Learn about it here.

Make this a gift! While the physical products will not be ready for the holiday season, when you make your purchase, the website will automatically email you a digital graphic (see in product images) that explains the gift. This way, you can either print out the image to physically give or forward it in digital form in time for the holiday season.


Measurements (as each piece is handwoven, please allow approximately one inch variation):


Nook Piece:

Length: 12 inches plus fringes

Width: 10 inches


Large Coasters:

Length: 7 inches plus 1.5 inches of fringes on each side

Width: 6 inches


Length:  22 Inches plus 3 inches of fringes and pompons on each side

Width:  14 Inches


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