Our goal is simple. By combining design with traditional weaving and leatherwork, we create high-quality products and support local artisans so that they may keep their ancient arts alive.


Kakaw Designs and Corazón del Lago from Kakaw Designs on Vimeo.

Our current partners are:

Weaving Cooperative Corazón del Lago in Lake Atitlán, whose members dye and weave textiles the traditional way exclusively for us.  Francisca, one of the brave founders of the cooperative, oversees this process often involving 15 or more women for a single order.  She always works her textile magic, providing us only the best of the best.


Claribel from Sumpango is the leader of the embroidery group.  She's in charge of distributing the work among the women, and making sure that they each know exactly what to do - colors, designs, technique... it's a lot of work!  She visits the embroiders regularly to make sure that everything is in order.  

Claribel at Kakaw Designs

Don Julio in the Antigua area, who with over 46 years of experience as a leathersmith, patiently oversees the careful production of our boots.  He is super picky with his team, and has confessed that he can't sleep when he realizes that he made a mistake.  Don Julio, we love your dedication!

Don Meme in the Antigua area, who delicately crafts our bag designs into reality.

Handmade. Heartfelt.