Artisan Direct Pop-up

//Update February 2022: This Artisan Direct section was created to help support our rural artisan partners with digital sales in 2020. We have decided to keep the section going as long as it is mutually-beneficial, and have shifted to be able to pay upfront for many of the products. Other items are still received on-consignment basis. As we welcome more and more independent creativity and collaborative design, you may note that some items are listed under Kakaw AND Artisan Direct. This reflects the collaborative partnership we have with many of the artisan groups, and their active involvement in the design process.//

If you would like to support our artisan partners further, please consider making a custom order and/or joining our textile sourcing group on WhatsApp

New offerings are updated on Sundays.

All sales are final for this section, as we do not have a way to return the physical products back to our artisan partners once the items are out of the country (there is no national post in Guatemala).