Traditional Textile Sourcing (via WhatsApp)

For those of you who can't make it to Guatemala so easily, don't worry -- you can join the fun digitally through our intimate WhatsApp group full of textile and Guatemala lovers.

The platform was created as a way to easily share and facilitate sales of locally-produced items when visiting artisan partners in rural areas. Since then, it has shifted with new needs brought forth through COVID-19, and we now include more of our local textile vendor friends. It's a good way to also add cultural information from the place where the vintage pieces are from, how they are woven and worn, as well as details such as measurements and materials used.

Want to join the fun? Click on this link on your phone (or computer if you have the app downloaded), or email your WhatsApp number to; we would be delighted to add you. This group is managed personally by Mari.


Traditional textile sourcing Guatemala 

Textile sourcing by Kakaw Designs



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