Custom Wallhanging Looms Pre-Order: TBD

//Update May 15th: We've decided to extend this pre-order through the month, until May 31st//

What a special opportunity to have a custom backstrap-woven set of two looms to commemorate a special event or person! We think such a set makes a beautiful gift for a newborn, a wedding, a graduation, or any other kind of special occasion!

One loom contains the message of your choice, as seen in the example. The other loom with matching colors contains traditional brocade figures from San Juan Cotzal. The pair is sure to make a beautiful impression in any home. 

We think this is a fantastic way to showcase the heritage art of backstrap weaving, and we hope it sparks many conversations with family and friends to share appreciation and knowledge of the processes involved.

Please make sure to add your custom message in the comments at check-out. We recommend keeping it simple to ensure that the letters and numbers are easily read. If the weavers tell us that your message needs to be simplified, we will get in touch with you via e-mail.

One month to produce from the last day of pre-order.

Measurements for the textile (the wooden parts are a bit wider):

Width: 10in / 25cm inches

Length: 14in / 35cm  inches


Cotton yarns, hand-carved local wood, and handmade maguey fiber rope for hanging.


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