Make your memory into a scarf / custom order

We'll design a special truly one-of-a-kind textile for you based on a sketch or image you send! Do you have a special place, maybe childhood memories in the woods or a recent trip to the beautiful faraway (or near) spot, you'd like to honor and remember closely? Or perhaps other sweet memories?

All we need is an image, and Mari will sketch a textile design for you in collaboration with our partner dyers and weavers at Lake Atitlán, to be converted into a handwoven treasure piece made especially for you.

The scarf will be woven on a backstrap loom and will feature some ikat designs in the warp using 3-4 different naturally-dyed hues.

We will send you an email asking for an image of the memory or experience you'd like to convert into textile form. This can be a photograph or a sketch.

Gifting this unique experience? No problem, we are happy to coordinate with you.

Please allow 1-2 months for production, handmade every step of the way.



25 inches wide

85 inches long plus fringes


Images of our Watercolor Dream Shawl as a reference of possibilities.


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