Two-toned Clouds of Cobán in Logwood + Indigo (S/M)


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//This is a one-of-a-kind handwoven addition, now with contrasting handwoven panels.//

Handwoven using naturally-dyed cotton (with logwood and indigo), this breezy huipil is a delicate balance between tradition and comfort, in two contrasting tones. These Clouds of Cobán are dear to us because of the two groups of women involved in the making process - the natural dyers at Lake Atitlán who prepare the cotton, and the picbil weavers near Cobán who work on the delicate textile patterns, panel by panel on a traditional backstrap loom. 

This is a blouse to be treasured, as it takes at least 6 weeks for one weaver to complete the three panels and embroider them stitch by stitch to make one huipil.

The blouse is traditionally loose-fitting, and we think this piece fits like US size S and M, worn loosely.

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Width: 32 inches 

Length: 20 inches 

Care: Wash by hand inside out in cold water with gentle detergent. Line dry or lay flat to dry in the shade.

Material: Cotton

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