Perraje 2: Santiago Atitlán

//Sourced by Mari// I came across two pre-loved "perrajes" or traditional ikat-filled shoulder coverings being sold by Doña Petronila in Santiago Atitlán during a visit in January 2022. I was especially impressed with the fringing details.


A unique handwoven  Santiago Atitlán full of intricate ikat designs in the warp. This is a backstrap-woven gem with a spectacular finishing with detailed macramé fringing. 

Traditionally, "perrajes" (shawls) from Santiago Atitlán are rather short, meant for covering shoulders but can also be used folded and worn as a head covering in church, or even as a practical wrapping cloth for carrying items around town. It feels as if no woman leaves the home without a perraje. Ornamental and practical, the best of both worlds.

Threads used in this piece are cotton and rayon, with some metallic strips for added shine.



Width: 18 Inches

Length: 45 Inches plus 6.5 inches of fringes on each side.


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