Huipil 8: San Pedro Necta

This vintage traditional huipil from San Pedro Necta is being sold by our friend Fernando in Chichicastenango. The blouse features beautiful brocade patterns all handwoven on a backstrap loom. One very special thing about traditional huipiles from this town is that they are worn sideways. Take a look - the base lines of the blouse are seen here horizontally, but when it is being woven, the lines are actually the wrap, arranged vertically on a loom.

This textile arrangement allows for a relaxed drape and a very different wearing experience. 

Fernando and his family have a small textile treasure stores in their home town, a place filled with the most beautiful items imaginable. Currently because of travel restrictions due to COVID-19 both nationally and internationally, they have not had many local sales. Thus, the listing of some of the treasures on our site here on our Artisan Direct page.

Threads used in this textile is mostly cotton, with some blend. The added fringes are made with glossy cotton rayon blend. The piece is in excellent condition, ready to be worn. The neck opening is generous and the piece fits like US medium or perhaps ev even large for a snug fit. 


Width: 28 inches

Length: 20 inches plus 2 inches of fringing

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