Fuego Shawl

Here's the truth: when we designed this chunky and contrasting ikat warp with our jackets and vests in mind, we made a mistake and created too much. Oops! But no worries, we quickly adapted and decided to make shawls using the extra naturally-dyed warp. We combined the colors with a muted grey to ground the piece and make it versatile.

From dyeing the cotton with natural dyes (chamomile, pericón, mahogany, indigo and logwood were all used) to creating the dye-resist ikat knots and weaving on a large pedal loom, all steps of the textile production were taken at Lake Atitlán. Once we received the scarves in Antigua, we added our tags stitch by stitch by hand also with naturally-dyed cotton.

The result is a wide wrap-around in a medium light-weight weave that gets softer and softer with use. It's a great piece for wrapping around shoulders for that little chill in the evening or from the AC. Packs small and easy to carry in your bag.

Image taken side-by-side with our Artist Vest using the textile made with same ikat in the warp.


This item ships from Guatemala.


Width: 23 inches / 60 cm

Length: 80 inches / 203 cm

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