Cinta Zunil 15

This is gorgeous traditional cinta (headdress) made with intricate tapestry weave designs from the town Zunil. The loom used to weave these cintas y somehow a hybrid between backstrap and footloom, as it connects to the waist of the weaver, but comes with pedals for increased control. 

This particular piece being sold by our friend Fernando in Chichicastenango is an exquisite sample with sweet patterns present all throughout the cinta. 

Fernando and his family have a small textile treasure stores in their home town, a place filled with the most beautiful items imaginable. Currently because of travel restrictions due to COVID-19 both nationally and internationally, they have not had any local sales. Thus, the listing of some of the treasures on our site here on our Artisan Direct page.


Material used is a cotton blend. 


Width: 1 inch

Length: 100 inches plus 2 inches pompom and 10 inches of thread at the ends.

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