Cinta Aguacatán 1 (Headdress)


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This is an exquisite vintage handwoven headdress from the town Aguacatán, being sold by our friend Fernando in Chichicastenango. This piece would be traditionally worn intertwined with long hair (see last images, taken by Mari in Aguacatán during a visit). What makes this cinta really remarkable is its use of the notable small brocade designs on the entire surface of the cinta. Often times, headdresses only feature colorful designs and patterns on the ends, as the middle section is seldom visible when worn. However, this particular piece shows masterful brocade skills for all 100% of one side of the headdress. A very special treasure piece to be cherished.

Fernando and his family have a small textile treasure stores in their home town, a place filled with the most beautiful items imaginable. Currently because of travel restrictions due to COVID-19 both nationally and internationally, they have not had any local sales. Thus, the listing of some of the treasures on our site here on our Artisan Direct page.

The headdress is handwoven on a backstrap loom with cotton threads.

If you have an interest in sourcing traditional textile pieces from Guatemala, reach out to Mari at to be added to an intimate direct textile sourcing group on WhatsApp.



Width: 3 inches

Length: 93 inches plus 5 inches of fringes on each side

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