Ixcaco Rebozo 2: Organic Heirloom Cotton


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//This is a One-of-a-Kind artwork listed on our Artisan Direct section, brought to you straight from the weavers.//

Organic local cotton in natural white and heirloom brown variety "ixcaco" are handspun and handwoven on a backstrap loom to make this luscious wrap that is sure to keep you cozy and warm.

This is a wide piece with soft, thick handspun ixcaco cotton for both warp and the weft. The hand preparation of cotton fiber has been a lost tradition since industrial cotton mills came about - but this eco-conscious practice is seeing a resurgence in Guatemala. We are happy to partner with a local family at Lake Atitlán to bring you these gorgeous pieces.

The brown is the heirloom "ixcaco" (pronounced <ishkako>). This beautiful variety naturally yields less cotton than its white counterpart, and the fibers are also shorter. These factors make ixcaco a less desirable cotton tree to grow under normal conditions. But we think it is absolutely beautiful, and we think you will, too. The navy blue is white cotton dyed with natural indigo. 

While we love these panels as rebozos because of the warm texture from the handspun cotton, they also make excellent home decor for those looking for the natural and beautiful.

The cotton fiber will get softer with use - what a transformation to see after years of use. Note that the yarn was starched for weaving.


Material: Cotton, locally-grown organically. White and ixcaco varieties.

Care: Please wash by hand and line-dry or lay flat to dry.


Width: 21 inches 

Length: 100 inches plus fringes

This item ships from Guatemala

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