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Advanced Double-sided Brocade PDF Guide with Videos

We have been working on this resource for months and months... and finally, the professionally-produced video of Doña Lidia's double-sided brocade demonstration is here!

This 9-page PDF guide contains images and links to videos and is intended for advanced weavers. The highlight is the 30-minute video shot with two cameras (one from above the loom and one from below it) that show step-by-step intricate stitching for the reversible supplementary weft brocade technique practiced in San Antonio Aguas Calientes.

Purchase this guide and you will receive an automated email with the link to download. Please note that the guide is intended for personal use only.

We practice profit-sharing with Doña Lidia for digital content we produce together.

Looking for a loom? We recommend this one for brocade, prepared by the master weaver and her sister (who is also a master weaver!).

Meet Doña Lidia:

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