Watercolor Dream Shawl

The name says it all - this handwoven shawl was created from a watercolor sketch, and it feels like being in a watercolor dream. The blending of the naturally-dyed colors, the soft gradients created, the subtle interactions between dyes and cotton.. needless to say, we love this shawl, now available in two color variations.

Perhaps inspired by chunky and colorful ikats of Uzbekistan, or the colors of the Middle East... It's hard to pinpoint where this dream came from, but we can say for certain that the design is a clear departure from "the traditional" in Guatemala. And the natural dyers and weavers took this project on with enthusiasm and curiosity - we are so grateful for such a partnership.

Hues come from fresh local basil, a local plant used for tea, and mahogany wood. Techniques used are ikat and backstrap weaving. The end fringes have been beautifully decorated with macramé. The threads used are cotton.


Width: 23 inches

Length: 85 inches plus 4.5 inches of fringes on each end

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