Vintage 9: Huipil San José Nacahuil

What a gorgeous textile treasure this garment is! All handwoven on a backstrap loom. The cotton used makes for a heavier-weight sturdy weave. The brocade designs created with supplementary weft have an elevated structure, creating a 3D effect that feels "bumpy" to the touch. It adds tactile appreciation to this artwork.

All four selvages are meticulously finished on the loom, showing excellent mastery by the weaver.

Brocaded figures include trees of life, roosters, and geometric designs.

This piece is wearable, meaning that the neck opening is large enough for the huipil to be worn. Its sides are currently unsewn, so it lays flat extended.

Please do not cut this handwoven artwork as it is full of heritage and tradition.


Width: 29.5 inches

Length: 24 inches

Material: Cotton

Care: Hand wash separately and line dry inside out. Colors should not bleed, but best to be gentle to preserve the brocade stitches.

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