Vintage 7: Huipil Quetzaltenango


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A beautiful vintage huipil from Quetzaltenango (Xela) featuring traditional handwoven designs of the region. This piece is particularly interesting because the three panels used all have one clean selvage each - proof of weaving on a backstrap loom. Nowadays, most huipiles from this area are woven on pedal looms. The material used is cotton for both warp and weft.

The handwoven panels were combined using a hand-embroidery technique called randa, stitch by stitch. The randa from this region is thick and colorful, creating a gorgeous accent to the garment. The neckline combines flowers and woman-man figures, stitched by machine.

This type of huipil (traditional blouse) is regionally tucked into a gathered flowy corte (wrap skirt), and the combination is really beautiful. Note the modeled image for reference. But feel free to combine it with other kinds of skirts or jeans.

This piece is wearable, meaning that the neck opening is large enough for the huipil to be worn. Its sides are currently unsewn, so it lays flat extended. The huipiles from Xela are run larger in size - perfect if you're looking for a roomy piece!


Width: 37.5 inches

Length: 30.5 inches

Material: Cotton  

Care: Hand wash separately and line dry inside out. Colors should not bleed, but best to be gentle to preserve the brocade stitches.

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