Vintage 18: Tzute Chichicastenango

A "tzute" (also sometimes "tzut") is a multi-purpose functional piece of fabric. This smaller piece would be used to cover special items, to wear on one's head, and/or for ceremonial decoration. 

This piece is full of traditional zoomorphic and geometric brocade patterns from Chichicastenango. Especially beautiful with blasts of ikat in the warp. Three clean selvages. One selvage for both panels has been folded and sewn neatly.

Two backstrap-woven panels are joined using a hand-embroidery technique called randa, stitch by stitch




Width: 27 inches

Length: 22 inches

Material: Cotton & cotton blend

Care: Hand wash separately and line dry inside out. Colors should not bleed, but best to be gentle to preserve the brocade stitches.

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