Pikbil Practice Loom Kit

Very special looms made with local very thin cotton by our artisan partners in Cobán. 

The yarns have been starched to provide more strength for weaving. The kit includes everything you need to weave in plain weave and to create brocade figures with a design sample that showcases a variety of traditional figures. The regional "pikbil" (also spelled "picbil") weave is a gauzy open-weave that is particular to the region around Cobán, Alta Verapaz. This loom is meant for weavers who already have some experience working with backstrap, as the yarn used for pikbil is fine and delicate.

Learn how to weave on a traditional backstrap loom from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you'd like. Find instructions with pictures and videos on our blog and tutorials on how to open and set up your loom

Traditionally, the top end of the backstrap loom is attached to a tree to ground the weaver and connect with the earth. In practical terms, however, this is a small and portable loom system - you can take it with you and start weaving wherever you'd like. 


Measurements for a loom (the wooden parts are a bit wider):

Width: 9 inches

Length:  21 inches

Shipped from Guatemala.


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