Off-Beat Rebozo

This is a one-of-a-kind variety of our Back to Tradition Rebozo, and note that its ikat pattern does not entirely match on this piece. Plesae see the images -- one end has the beautiful checkered pattern showing, but the ikat spacing is irregular so the other end has the ikat pattern lining up. It is still a beautiful work of art, all naturally-dyed and handwoven on a backstrap loom. The chunky pompoms are dyed in cochineal. 


Back to Tradition Rebozo:

We've been dreaming of this rebozo for some time... an ode to tradition, to history at San Juan la Laguna, with our own touch of colors from natural dyes. 

It was such a delight that Francisca accepted Mari's design request with enthusiasm and curiosity. This is the kind of collaborative partnership that we love.

While this general checkered ikat style is a traditional pattern for rebozos in San Juan la Laguna, this style is less and less woven these days. And in all our time working in this community, we've never seen any that were made with natural dyes nor pompoms. We are absolutely in love with the results.


What do you think of our ode to tradition?


Material: Naturally-dyed cotton (natural indigo and cochineal)

Care: Wash by hand in cold water with gentle detergent. Avoid expended exposure to sunlight by storing away from light and drying in the shade.


Width: 27 inches

Length:  78 inches plus 3 inches of Pompoms on both ends. 

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