Medium Wool Rug: Quetzal in Ochre


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Who doesn't love a pair of adorable Quetzales, the national bird of Guatemala that represents freedom? Ummmm NOBODY, come on! They are just so cute.

This one-of-a-kind rug beautifully features quetzales in tapestry weave. The warp is cotton, the weft is hand-processed and hand-spun local wool prepared in Momostenango. We think the vibrant colors are both playful and cheerful at the same time. Will you use it as a rug on the floor to keep feet warm or as decoration on the wall? It's up to you!

This size works great in so many areas, as accent pieces in larger rooms or as luxurious feet-warmers next to beds, chairs, even bathtub. So many options! 



Cotton warp and wool weft.



Width: 32 inches (about 2.6 feet)

Length: 58 inches (about 4.8 feet)



1. Shake outside 2. Put in the sun 3. Wash in a gentle cycle. Read more on the easy-care recommendations here.


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