Medium Wool Rug: Brown and White Diamonds

//A new Artisan Direct listing from our partners in Momostenango!//

This medium-sized rug was handwoven on a foot loom in Momostenango with natural local wool in its original natural sheep colors. The warp is cotton, the weft is hand-processed and hand-spun wool. The patterns are a result of tapestry weave that is woven row by row, poco a poco.

This size works great in so many areas, as accent pieces in larger rooms or as luxurious feet-warmers next to beds, chairs, even bathtubs. So many options! 


100% local handspun wool for weft, commercial cotton for warp.


Machine-washable in a gentle cycle or wool cycle in cold water with gentle detergent. Line dry. Best to limit washing; here's how to do that.


Width: 32.5 inches (about 2.6 feet)

Length: 57 inches (about 5 feet)


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