Medium Soft Piled-high Rug in Natural White Wool


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//A new Artisan Direct listing from our partners in Momostenango!//

We love the cozy feeling of warm wool fibers under our feet. This piled rug is perfect for surfaces where we want the added gentle touch - perhaps by the bed or couch? The versatile size makes its use flexible.

Textile lovers will notice that this rug is very special when you look at the back side -- not only are the wool fibers handspun, so are the cotton fibers used in between the wool in the weft! A very special gem, indeed.

Wool products represent a significant source of income for Momostenango. From caring for the sheep, shearing, cleaning, spinning... all the way to weaving and then felting and teasing... it is all hard work, and a tradition that we hope will continue in the town.


Handspun cotton warp and some weft; remainder wool weft (and piled high).


Machine-washable in a gentle cycle or wool cycle in cold water with gentle detergent. Line dry.


Width: 29 inches (2.4 feet)

Length: 54 inches (4.5 feet)

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