Large Wool Rug in Natural Grey

//A new Artisan Direct listing from our partners in Momostenango!//

Handwoven in Momostenango using natural sheep colors for both the warp and weft. You can see how the warp is natural white and the weft is natural grey, both colors from the sheep themselves. The fibers are hand-spun into yarn first, then woven on a footloom, and felted to ensure durable use. We love that the beautiful colors are completely natural!

Momostenango is a town in the highlands of Guatemala known for work with wool. To weave with hand-spun wool for the warp is a challenging feat, and many weavers opt instead for commercial cotton for the warp. But we're such suckers for 100% natural and local wool! We love the end result especially with the felting, as fibers lock together and make the rug more durable.



100% local wool for both warp and weft. 



Width: 69 inches (5.75 feet)

Length: 65 inches (5.4 feet)



1. Shake outside 2. Put in the sun 3. Wash in a gentle cycle. Read more on the easy-care recommendations here.


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