Kids' Practice Backstrap Loom Kit


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This is a smaller backstrap loom with warp threads organized in fours to make the weaving easier. It's perfect for interested children who enjoy the act of making, little by little as well as for beginner weavers of all ages ;)

The threads have been naturally-dyed in natural indigo and local fresh basil. The weft included is dyed in indigo. The kit comes with everything you need to begin and finish a weaving, including natural maguey rope and belt to attach the loom. For simple instructions, please see this blog post as well as these two tutorial videos.

Backstrap looms are portable devices, and can easily be wrapped up to put away or take to a new location to continue weaving. We think that this loom makes an excellent wall hanging when finished!

Check our online weaving class schedule with master weaver Doña Lidia on our Experiences section for one-hour group sessions on Zoom.


Width: 5.5 inches (the textile portion; the sticks are a bit wider)

Length: 20 inches

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