Ikat Ceramic Tumbler (M)

The cozy vessel for all your favorite beverages, hot and cold. We love how this textile-inspired design in ceramic form connects traditions and cultures in a practical way. 

Each stoneware piece is hand-thrown and painted by a ceramic cooperative at Lake Atitlán. We went through many trials and tests, and we're delighted for you to try our favorite Tumbler version in a slightly smaller Medium form. We recommend this size for coffee, tea, juice, cocktails, water... basically, everything!

The chosen ikat design is not specific to a place; rather, it is a familiar and simple ikat design that can be found across many cultures. Textiles, just like ceramics as well as food and drinks, can have so much cross-over in traditions.

These ceramic pieces were born out of a selfish desire to feel comfort, to be transported back to childhood memories of sipping on tea and feeling the warmth radiate through the body. We hope that they bring you comfort, too.



4 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide opening.

Liquid capacity about 10 oz. Please expect some variation as each tumbler is hand-turned and hand-painted.

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