Huipil 71: San Juan Cotzal

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//This is a One-of-a-Kind artwork listed on our Artisan Direct section, brought to you straight from the weavers.//

This is a true gem. Just take a look at the tiny brocaded figures that fill up this güipil! A very special garment, indeed. The black base is a heavier-weight cotton weave. We love the contrasting colors and the small delicate brocade figures.

This pre-loved piece is being sold by the weaver herself, who is a member of the cooperative of weavers from the town. Each brocade pattern carries a unique traditional meaning. See what the weavers said about them here on our blog.

The neck opening is a bit snug but physically still large enough for Sucy to put on and take off without difficulty, adorned with meticulous hand-embroidery. Some of the selvages are cleanly finished on the loom (woven), and others have been cut and then secured with machine stitching.

This huipil is beautiful to wear and/or use as decoration. Please do not cut this handwoven gem as it is full of tradition and heritage.

Handwoven by Catarina 



Width:  24 inches

Length: 30.5 inches

Material: Cotton

Care: Wash by hand or in gentle cycle with cold water and line-dry or lay flat in indirect sunlight, preferably with the garment inside out.

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