Huipil 42: Tactic

This is a pre-loved traditional huipil being sold by the weaver herself. Contrary to the traditional three-panel style of Tactic, this huipil only has two panels. It was likely made for a young girl, and thus the youthful and vibrant animal figures, too.

Aren't the vibrant animals adorable? This piece brought smiles to our faces as soon as we received it at our office in Antigua. Brocade figures of ducks, cats, and rabbits. Handwoven and being sold by Aura.

The neck opening is large enough for comfortable wearing. We think this piece fits like size XS. Also appropriate for younger girls to wear with a looser fit.

Material: Cotton 

Care: Gentle machine cycle and line dry. Colors will not bleed as the piece has been washed many times.


Width:  25 inches 

Length: 19  inches   

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