Huipil 25: San Juan Cotzal

This is a breath-taking sample of a traditional huipil from San Juan Cotzal. This pre-loved piece is being sold by the weaver herself, who is a member of the cooperative of weavers from the town. Filled with supplementary weft brocade figures, the chosen colors contrast so pleasingly from the white warp base. 

The neck opening is large enough to comfortably put on and take off without difficulty, adorned with scallop "eyes" made with chain stitching. The selvages at the bottom of the blouse are folded over and sewn by machine to prevent unraveling. 

Threads used are high-quality cotton.

This huipil is beautiful to wear and use as decoration as is or opened on the sides so that it can be laid flat. Please do not cut this handwoven gem as it is full of tradition and heritage.



Width:  22 inches

Length: 25 inches 

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