Handspun Cotton Tea Towel: Ixcaco

This luxurious tea towel uses 100% local organic heirloom ixcaco cotton (both warp and weft on a backstrap loom), and the handspun fibers make it soft and absorbent for kitchen use. The ixcaco (pronounced <ish-ka-ko> is a special variety of cotton that produces brown fibers on the plant. The brown color you see is not from a dye, but rather directly from the plant fiber itself. 

Made by our partner artisan family at Lake Atitlán that grows, harvests, and processes the cotton themselves. They are even starting to grow their own indigo! Talented hands at work in this eco-conscious slow production chain. 


Care: handwash in cold water and hang dry.


Width: 14 inches

Length: 16 inches plus 1 inch of fringing on two ends

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