Embroider your own tote with Claribel! / TBD (online)

Claribel is our friend from Sumpango, a town known for beautiful traditional neckline embroidery full of flowers, volcanoes, and other motifs reminiscent of the town's famous Barriletes, the giant kites flown for All Saints' Day. She is also a master embroideress with so much experience sharing her textile tradition with those interested. You can just feel how she radiates with pride and joy as she talks about the different traditional motifs and stitches, even from afar on your computer screen!

This 1.5-hour class includes:

  • A canvas tote made by Creamos, pre-stenciled by Claribel for easy embroidery
  • A variety of naturally-dyed cotton threads
  • Access to live Zoom instruction from Claribel (as well as the recording) including cultural importance of the patterns, embroidery trends in her town, and step-by-step stitching
  • PDF guide with pre-recorded close-up videos of each of the stitches

Shipping with DHL / UPS usually takes 3-5 days to US destinations (a bit longer to other places).

The class will be held on Saturday, July 22nd, from 10:30am - 12:00noon Guatemala time (that's 9:30am - 11:00am Pacific) with Claribel as the teacher and Kakaw staff recording and moderating the session.

An email with more details will be sent a few days before the class, including the Zoom meeting invitation and a PDF with instructions to facilitate following along. The class will be recorded and shared privately, so participants will be able to go back and review the material at their leisure. 

Maximum 8 participants

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