Embroidered Garland: AMOR

//This is a one-of-a-kind item, we tried out a few new garland words and we love them all!//

We love finding heartfelt uses for our textile scraps! And these hand-embroidered garlands sure are adorably festive, don't you think?

We are proud to partner with a family of embroiderists that create each of the ornaments stitch by stitch using our naturally-dyed yarns and handwoven textiles. Chato, our friend and master pompom-maker, carefully puts them all together on the chord he prepares with the darling tassels on the ends. All done with naturally-dyed cotton thread.

We think these garlands are great for parties and make excellent gifts. 

Is this a gift? Would you like to include a personalized note? We'd be happy to facilitate this for you, please leave your message in the comments at checkout.




Length: 60 inches 


Letter Measurements:

Width: 4 inches 

Length: 4 inches 


This item ships from Guatemala.

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