Cotzal Coco Napkins (Set of 4)

Handwoven by our partner weavers in San Juan Cotzal with naturally-dyed cotton prepared at Lake Atitlán (you guessed it, with coconut!), we're excited to share these lovely napkins. Each set contains 4 napkins that show a sweet traditional brocade figure on one corner. Choose below from matching patterns or differentiating for individual use - up to you!

The larger size (compared to what the weavers usually make as a cooperative) makes these napkins practical for dinners and more. We love being able to fold the napkins and keep them on our laps for a meal. 

Wondering the meaning behind the traditional brocade figures from this town? Learn what the weavers said on this blog post


Width: 10 inches

Length: 13 inches plus 1.5 inches of fringes on both ends


Care: Please wash by hand in cold water with gentle detergent and hang  or lay flat to dry. 


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