Corte Dog Bone

Made by Rosa and her hand-embroidery group of women in Patanatic. Since the pandemic, they've also shifted to working with stuffed animals (see their adorable Tecolotes!), and we asked for a dog toy to be made for our favorite Kakaw Designs mascot, Berry. Our little princess is a rescued dog from a local animal shelter, Unidos Para los Animales. In support of all they do for placing "street dogs" into loving homes, we are donating $5 from the sale of each bone. We realize this is just a drop in the bucket as there are so many animals in need, but we still hope that all the drops may amount to something in the end.

We've made some improvements to these "huesitos" (little bones) since the first trial, which Berry fell in love with from the beginning. Now, the bones features double-layers of textiles, and machine stitching all over, providing durability so our furry friends can play rough. Each one is unique, and the outer textile is different for both sides of the bone. If you have any color requests, please let us know at check-out. We'd be happy to accommodate you and your pup!



9 inches by 5 inches


This item ships from Guatemala.

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