Brocaded Textile Cards: Set of 3

We developed this special product in collaboration with the weaves in San Juan Cotzal. Inspired by their beautiful traditional brocade motifs, we wanted to create a both tactile and visual vessel to transmit heartfelt words to our loved ones. 

The paper used is a heavier-weight stock made of recycled paper, perfect for presenting the card on top of a surface at home or using it as a frame for display on a wall. The sides are hand-stitched to match the base of the card, and each textile can be removed through the slit if desired, as we encourage giving the weaving a post-card life. 

Each set contains 3 cards of varied colors and figures. 

Learn about the meaning behind the motifs here.



Width: 6 inches

Length: 4 inches

(standard A6 greeting card size)

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