Brocade Backstrap Loom Kit

NEW! Order a loom to be made in colors of your choosing. Please note 3-4 hues in the comment section at check-out and allow 3 weeks to make.

This is a practice loom with all the tools included for intermediate and advanced weavers, because the loom is set up for supplementary weft brocade. Each loom has been prepared by hand by Doña Lidia and her family in San Antonio Aguas Calientes, a town famous for beautiful brocade weaving. You'll notice that there are two extra rods called "pepenado" that facilitate supplementary brocade in horizontal lines. Other unique figures can be inserted using the wooden needle included and counting the warp threads as necessary. 

Each bundle includes a backstrap belt and rope both made out of maguey, a natural succulent fiber. Eight different supplementary weft colors will also be selected and included in each bundle. Feel free to use other threads for supplementary weft also.

See exactly what's included, how to open the bundle, and the simple steps to the plain weave here, explained by Mari in two short videos.

Join our online weaving classes with master weaver Doña Lidia for small-group live instruction

Add our PDF guide to Supplementary Weft Brocade complete with step-by-step professional videos to your learning.

Loom colors are updated based on availability.


Width: 9 inches (plus a few inches for the wooden parts)

Length: 23 inches

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