Beginner Pikbil Weave with Doña Margarita / TBD (online)


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Please welcome master weaver Doña Margarita Ichich from San Juan del Chamelco, Alta Verapaz, for this very special pikbil (also spelled "picbil") regional open weave session!

This hour and a half session will be rich in demonstration and Q and A. Because of the nature of this very detailed and delicate weave, we expect that some details will not be easily captured on Zoom -- in this case, we will take additional videos to upload onto Youtube, and send you the link after.

It is an honor to welcome Doña Margarita. She will be in town (in Antigua) to attend a week-long natural dye workshop that we are sponsoring. A portion of the fees from this session will help to cover costs related to the workshop such as travel and food.

We *may* be sharing some picbil pieces for sale from the association of weavers, if possible. 

Because it takes about 8 hours for Doña Margarita to travel to Antigua, we do not expect to be able to repeat this session regularly. This is the first time we are attempting an online class specifically for pikbil. When in the village, the internet connection does not allow for hosting such a class.

The Zoom information will be sent a few days before the class. Follow-up email will contain access to the Zoom recording as well as any videos uploaded onto Youtube and close-up images of Doña Margarita's work during the session.



Questions? See the FAQs on our blog, and if not covered there, send us an email at

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