30-min Guatemala travel advice call with Mari

Are you traveling to Guatemala, and looking for recommendations on where to go, stay, what to do? Book a 30-minute Zoom session with Mari Gray to receive inside local knowledge to make the best of your visit.

Mari was born in Guatemala, and grew up traveling rural parts with her mother, a textile artist. Most recently, she has been organizing and leading Textile Travels as part of Kakaw Designs, and this has led her to guide other trips around Guatemala, also. 

Bring your questions to the call! Topics could include:

  • When to visit and why
  • Which towns to visit depending on your interest
  • How to get from place to place
  • Safety
  • Health
  • Budget
  • Recommendations for hotels, restaurants, transport providers, artisan cooperatives, stores
  • Specific handmade traditions of interest in a given area
  • Workshops and other activities - coffee and chocolate tours, cooking class, birding, hiking, etc. as well as artisan-led workshops
  • And whatever else your particular interests might be!

Please note that we can only refer to artisan groups that have public storefronts for receiving visitors. Many of our artisan partners work from home, and we do not make introductions to those individuals for privacy reasons. However, Mari is happy to speak more generally to regional traditions and recommend established artisan cooperatives to visit.

Email Mari directly to schedule the call at mari@kakawdesigns.com

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