Handmade.  Heartfelt. 


Some of our boots are made with repurposed textile pieces that we buy as directly as possible from women who wove the pieces.  We do this by traveling to rural villages whenever we can.

These used textiles can come either from the blouse or huipil (wee-peel) or the wrap skirt, corte (cor-teh). Many Maya women in Guatemala still wear their traditional clothing, with designs that are often unique to their own village. By using these one-of-a-kind pieces, we are able to offer an ever-changing variety of colors and patterns for customizable boots.

We also use new textiles, handwoven with the traditional backstrap technique for Kakaw Designs by Francisca and her cooperative Corazón del Lago (Heart of the Lake).  The intricate designs on these textiles are prepared through the ikat (eek-at) process, which uses strategically placed knots and dyeing the rest of the cotton with natural dyes.  Watch our video to learn more about the weaving process.

We source our leather from Xela, Guatemala, and is hand-picked by our leathersmiths.  Entire hides are bought at a time after close inspection for quality.  

We appreciate and respect each cow’s life, and hope that you will, too.  Any small markings on your boots and bags tell a story of the cow’s life - when she/he got a little scratch from that fence, or got too excited and bumped into that huge rock...  We like to remember that the leather in our products used to be alive, be thankful for that, and take good care of our boots and bags.