Textile Travels November 2022

Announcing dates for 2022!


Chajul, Guatemala. Textile Travels by Kakaw Designs

November 6-14: Antigua Area and Ixil Triangle Textile Exploration

A new itinerary by request! This trip will be lead together with my mom, Aiko Kobayashi, who has decades of experience visiting and leading groups to this region. The Ixil region is very remote, and it will be a treat to be able to travel together in a small-group setting as these towns and villages are usually quite difficult to reach.

  • Four nights in the Ixil Triangle at an active dairy farm
  • Visit with local weaving cooperative at San Juan Cotzal
  • Local market visits with COVID safety in mind
  • Cooking class with a local family
  • Chajul-style pompom making, learn how to wear the headdress
  • Stay in Antigua before and after the Ixil visit
  • Backstrap weaving in San Antonio Aguas Calientes
  • Other workshops and talks TBD


Backstrap weaving at Lake Atitlán

November 20-27 (Thanksgiving week): From Fiber to Fabric at Lake Atitlán

We're excited to repeat a new itinerary we started in 2021. Now even more fine-tuned as our artisan partners know what we're looking for. We had such a great time slowing down and dedicating attention to processes and people. Looking forward to another fantastic week!

  • Learn from beginning to end the traditional handmade processes involved for textile production // growing organic cotton (including heirloom ixcaco), spinning cotton, dyeing with natural dyes, making warp ikat patterns, setting up a backstrap loom, weaving (plain weave). The finished loom is for you to take home!
  • Five nights at Lake Atitlán, two nights (one before and one after) in Antigua
  • Small group workshops and one-on-one instruction in open-air settings, with COVID safety in mind.
  • Local tamales-cooking class for Thanksgiving Day


Finished loom From Fiber to Fabric in Guatemala


While I'm still planning the exact itinerary, please do reach out to show your interest by writing to me at mari@kakawdesigns.com