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We’re so excited to be branching out (get it, like the cacao tree? 🌳) to include a new and exciting way to support our partner artisans further. 

Textile Travels August 2018 by Kakaw Designs

Come join us on our very first of many #textiletravels, especially for Makers.  We will be visiting talented artisan groups in rural villages and learning their beautiful traditional techniques.  But more than that, we want to engage in creative interactions - so participants (Makers) will also be sharing their own experiences and ideas with different art forms.  Don't worry if you don't consider yourself a Maker!  Even just from a consumer perspective, the direct feedback you can provide the artisan groups trying to be innovative will be incredibly valuable.

Naturally dyeing together, Textile Travel

Prices start at just $1800 all-inclusive, with possibility of even less depending on the number of participants.

Want to hear more?  Contact Mari (mari@kakawdesigns.com)

Two itineraries available (A & B):

Textile Travel A:
August 2nd - 8th, including visits to Antigua, San Antonio Aguas Calientes, Chichicastenango, San Juan la Laguna, and Santiago Atitlán.  

Workshop options from artisan groups include (but not limited to): overall talk concerning textile traditions in Guatemala; embroidery, backstrap brocade weaving, natural dyes, ikat warp on backstrap, footloom corte weaving.
Workshop/Presentations from participants will vary on interest.  We are very flexible, and the artisans are eager to hear from you!
Other activity options include cooking, hiking, poolside relaxing, shopping at markets.
Estimated maximum price: $1800

Textile Travel B:
August 2nd - 13th, including all of Textile Travel A plus:
Visits to Tactic, Cobán, Semuc Champey, and Chamelco.

This additional portion of the trip covers longer distances to visit groups in rural areas.  These days will be less about workshops, and more about visiting rural villages, markets, and personal homes.  These are hard-to-reach areas, and the day in Semuc Champey will be great to relax in nature and to refresh after potentially overwhelming our senses with all the colors and patterns imaginable.  
Estimated maximum price: $2500
What does it include?
We tried to make our itineraries as all-inclusive as possible, providing a collaborative group atmosphere among all the creatives.  This means that the listed prices include all workshops/presentations, all accommodations (double room), all meals, all private transport, and two experienced guides (my mother Aiko Kobayashi and myself, Mari) who can also translate, explain, and facilitate textile experiences.
We know how important it can be to be comfortable after busy days full of inspiration and happenings - that's why we've chosen trusted hotels and restaurants. 
Bring a friend and receive $100 off!
Please note that the prices do not include airfare, travel insurance, or health insurance.

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