Kakaw tree with birds

Q: Why Kakaw?

Kakaw pronunciation

**please note the pronunciation, just like "cacao"**

A: “Kakaw” is the word in the indigenous Mayan language K’iché for “cacao”, the wonderful tree that gives us chocolate.  In Guatemala, the Maya started enjoying kakaw drinks over 2,500 years ago.  It’s no wonder the scientific name for the plant means “food of the gods.”

We love this word because we love nature, traditions of the Maya, Guatemala, dark chocolate, treating ourselves, and hey, did we mention Mari has a cacao leaf tattoo?  We took it as a sign from the Kakaw God.

Cacao Pod

Q: How did everything begin?

A: This crazy journey all began when Mari, while living in Guatemala, saw an opportunity to finally combine her passions in all things handmade and community development through a new social enterprise.  She started with a small and successful Kickstart project in 2013, and since then has grown to partner with more artisans and have more products available.  

Q:What are your goals for Kakaw Designs?

A: We envision ourselves to grow organically and adapt to new situations.  Clearly, we are very grassroots, working with local weavers and leathersmiths, and believe in keeping their traditional crafts alive by providing an international market for their work. 

Working in Guatemala poses unique challenges, which we meet one step at a time and with a deep breath.  We have a wonderful team, and believe that together we can build a great brand with beautiful products while supporting many talented artisans in Guatemala.

Q: What if my boots don't fit? Boots are not the easiest things to shop for online!

A: We know it can get complicated to buy footwear online, and that's why we provide our customers with as much information and the best return service as possible. If you have any concerns, we are always just an email away!  Make sure to check our Returns and Exchanges Policy too.