Randa Embroidery with Claribel / TBD (online)

This is a special one-hour embroidery class taught by our friend and master embroiderer Claribel. She has vast experience teaching different embroidery techniques in Guatemala, both to local communities and international visitors. We usually spend some time with her during our Textile Travels, too -- it's great fun to combine embroidery with her delicious cooking at her house (her family has a restaurant!).

"Randa" refers to a special embroidery technique that joins panels of handwoven textiles together decoratively. Guatemalan textiles are usually used to their fullest extent, meaning that weavings are not cut and are rather kept in the original woven panel shapes. Because backstrap weaving can only be as wide as the hips and physical strength allow, several panels must be combined to make one larger textile. This is when randa embroidery is used - for huipiles, cortes, tzutes, and other pieces of garments that require a larger piece of textile. 

The class will be held on Saturday, July 2nd, from 10-11am Guatemala time (CST) with Claribel as the teacher and Mari as the translator/moderator.

An email with more details will be sent a few days before the class, including the Zoom meeting invitation and a PDF with instructions to facilitate following along. The class will be recorded and shared privately, so participants will be able to go back and review the material at their leisure. 

Maximum 10 participants.

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