Intermediate Loom Set-Up Class with Doña Lidia / TBD

Join us for an introductory class on how to set up your own backstrap loom. This class assumes that you have already prepared your warp and have the materials necessary to build a backstrap loom - everything that is included in our Make Your Own Loom Kits. The set-up of pepenado sticks that facilitate supplementary weft brocade will also be covered either in live and/or in pre-recorded video form.

Doña Lidia has been teaching backstrap weaving nationally and internationally for several decades. She is a wealth of knowledge and a patient teacher with experience teaching in English. 

This class will be held via Zoom on Saturday, October 22nd, from 12:00noon - 1:00pm Guatemala time from Doña Lidia's home. This is a special topic session suitable for intermediate to advanced weavers interested in the details of backstrap weaving.

An email with the Zoom invite as well as the class PDF guide will be sent a few days before the class. The class will be recorded and shared privately, so participants will be able to go back and review the material at their leisure. The PDF guide also contains pre-recorded video access for more complicated parts like the warp preparation for the pepenado sticks.

 Maximum number of participants: 8

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