Friendship Bracelet - pack of 5

Old-school style friendship bracelets handmade by the weavers in San Juan Cotzal! The color tones combine beautifully in muted and more vibrant hues. The pack comes with 5 varieties to share with your loved ones.

Friendship bracelets come with a myth - it is said that one person should put the bracelet on their friend's wrist while she or he thinks of a wish to come true. When the bracelet is worn and comes off (breaks) naturally, the wish is said to become reality for the wearer. 

While we are in a strange time that may not allow for in-person placement of friendship bracelets, they make easy and beautiful touches to accompany hand-written cards. Why not send your friends near and far a note of encouragement and appreciation with a handmade touch? 


Please note in the comment section if you have color requests. We will do our best to honor them.


Width: 0.75 inches

Length: 7 inches of macrame bracelet, 7 inches of "fringe" for tying the bracelet

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