Clouds of Cobán Dress: Indigo & Mahogany (S/M)

//This is a one-of-a-kind handwoven addition, now with contrasting handwoven panels.//

What a gorgeous gem this piece is, handwoven with beautiful delicate picbil /pikbil figures using naturally-dyed cotton prepared by our partners at Lake Atitlán. This newly-woven dress has a flattering V-neck from the natural seam created by the two panels. Wear the gauze-like beauty as-is or style it with a belt. The fringing at the bottom adds a nice weight and movement to the garment.

It takes at least 8 weeks to weave the four panels used to create this dress, and combine them with hand-stitching to craft this beauty.

We think this dress fits like US sizes S and M.


Width: 24 inches

Length:  35 inches plus 3 inches of fringes

Material: Cotton

Care: Please wash by hand and line-dry or lay flat to dry in indirect sunlight.

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