Naturally-dyed Rugs

Our small collection of dip-dyed wool rugs are so special to us because they represent a variety of handmade processes and connect our artisan partners in Momostenango and San Juan la Laguna.

First, hand-processed local sheep wool is woven into rugs on large wooden pedal looms in Momostenango. This is a labor-intensive process that involves shearing, cleaning, carding, spinning, weaving, felting, and teasing. 

Then, one by one, we dye these rugs in different natural dyes with our partner dyers in San Juan la Laguna. Wool results in different colors from the cotton the dyers are used to, so this is always a fun experiment. We've already learned so much about dyeing wool! 

While we prepare for the colder weather, we'd love for these rugs to bring you warmth and joy.