Practice Backstrap Loom Kit

Learn how to weave on a traditional backstrap loom from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you'd like. Find instructions with pictures and videos on our blog, as well as tutorials on how to open and set up your loom.

These small looms are perfect for beginners. They already have beautiful ikat designs with naturally-dyed hues in the cotton warp, so with the most simple weave back and forth, your loom will look radiant. It already looks gorgeous without the weaving, so you really can't go wrong! When finished, the loom makes a beautiful wall hanging, a piece that you can share with your friends and family and explain the handmade process with personal experience.

Traditionally, the top end of the backstrap loom is attached to a tree to ground the weaver and connect with the earth. In practical terms, however, this is a small and portable loom system - you can take it with you and start weaving wherever you'd like. 

The kit comes with all the tools you need for your first weaving. Weft thread included is naturally-dyed indigo cotton.  The backstrap belt and all other materials are natural - cotton, wood, and maguey (succulent fiber).

Come join us in Antigua Guatemala for in-person backstrap weaving classes! We also offer textile-rich travel itineraries throughout the country.

Measurements for textile (the wooden parts are a bit wider):

Width: 10 inches

Length: 20 inches

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