Picnic Blanket

The Picnic Blanket made with repurposed traditional corte <cor-tay> textiles. We look specifically for worn textiles and combine cut-offs from our Corte Wrap production for these cozy blankets.

Our embroidery artisans in Sumpango first mend any holes stitch by stitch sashiko-style, and then lay out the pieces to make a large picnic blanket that also makes a great couch blanket and even a travel towel. The blanket stitching all along the edges is all done with naturally-dyed thread prepared by our partner weavers at Lake Atitlán. Support two groups of women artisans, and keep yourself cozy ❤️

The red thread hue comes from mahogany. Please note that each Picnic Blanket is slightly different as the textiles are different and the embroidery is done by hand. But we choose similar predominantly blue cortes only, always with intricate ikat designs.

Dimensions: 60 in (1.5 m)  by 55 in (1.4 m)

This product ships directly from Guatemala.

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