Cozy Wool Wrap: Natural White and Blue


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//A new Artisan Direct listing from our partners in Momostenango!//

Curl up in this cozy 100% wool wrap on those chilly nights... Snuggle on the couch, enjoy the patio outside, or even take it out in warmer months for those camping trips up in the mountains. This piece has been felted well, which means that the wrap is heavier in weight and very warm. When the fibers are felted together, it also makes the textile more resistant. We hope this wrap can keep you and your loved ones cozy for many years to come.

Wool products represent a significant source of income for Momostenango. From caring for the sheep, shearing, cleaning, spinning... all the way to weaving and then felting and teasing... it is all hard work, and a tradition that we hope continues in the town.



100% local wool for both warp and weft. 



32 inches wide, 65 inches long plus 1.5 inches of fringes.


1. Shake outside 2. Put in the sun 3. Wash in a gentle cycle. Read more on the easy-care recommendations here.


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